Sarah Niles (actor/singer)

"Jude came highly recommended by an actor friend of mine. It definitely was a game changer for me. I have been very lucky to work with Jude and been inspired by her for many years. She spring-boarded my development as an actor, helping me to refine what made me individual as an actor. She helped with my confidence and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone.

Grab a chance to work with her! We had a hilarious time on tour in Denmark performing Entartete Musik."

Danny Parsons (actor/writer)

"Having worked with Jude for over ten years as both a student and co-producer, I can honestly say her teachings have been invaluable in helping me further my career in the arts. Her group classes have been the foundation of my growth, allowing me to explore and express myself in a safe and friendly environment whilst introducing me to a wealth of play's, both new and classical.

Jude has helped me realise my true potential and was instrumental in my audition preparation and subsequent acceptance to one of the UK's top drama schools. 

She continues to inspire and push me."

Daniel Hickson (actor)

"I trained with Jude from the beginning when I thought Acting would just be a hobby. With Jude's monumental support, and expert ability to convey all manners of teachings, I quit my executive city job to become an Actor. Today I am studying at the world-famous Drama Centre, I certainly wouldn't be here without Jude and I am more than prepared for the training.

Coming to acting late, from a working-class pit village in Doncaster - having never studied drama at school, or watched a play in my life - Jude's influence was huge. She knew exactly how to manage the work. When to push, support and encourage.

As a student, Jude's appetite for coaching is infectious and makes hard work good fun. Her attention to detail, specificity and application of renowned techniques can help all actors; from those who have never read a line of Shakespeare, to those who need a way to stay polished and audition ready."

Nina Taylor (training actor)

"Working with Jude has been invaluable. I came to her when I was applying for drama school, and she gave me all the tools I needed to audition successfully. I went into my auditions feeling confident in our work and in myself, and I truly believe I wouldn't be at drama school without her. I am grateful for her guidance, her wisdom, and her belief in me, which kept me going when I didn't have belief in myself. 

If you are an aspiring actor, or wanting to audition for drama school, I could not recommend Jude more."

Amin Ali (actor)

"An actors’ job is to see the world and reflect it back to the audience in an unfiltered and truthful way. But sometimes inhibitions stand in the way. As an actor I used to hide a lot, but there is no hiding from Jude.

Jude Alderson is a master and provides world-class coaching. She cast me in her seminal work Ensemble 17 which played to sell-out audiences at the Camden Fringe and made an appearance on London Live."

Daisy Doidge-Hill (actor/singer)

"Jude has helped me grow so much as a performer and person with her amazing teaching. She is patient, kind and nurturing making it truly a pleasure to work with her. I could not recommend her enough."

Yasmine Holness-Dove (actor/singer/model)

"If you're serious about improving, learning and growing as an actor, Jude will give you the platform to do this in a open, honest and experimental environment. She delivers this with sparkle, charm and warmth.

Highly recommended! "

Stacey Scannell (actor)

"Jude Alderson has been my acting coach for many years, with me coming and going using her services. I use Jude’s services for many reasons, I trust Jude and her work ethics, because they help with my dyslexia as well as broadening and enhancing my acting skills. Jude is very professional with high standards of teaching. Her classes always start on time, text books and prep for the class are organised and ready to go.

Jude has a good understand of the needs of the students, when working one to one or in a group scenario, she focuses on how the class can help the students needs, such as confidence, reading text, voice work, tone, diction and explores other methods of acting. She is warm, open and friendly, making the classes enjoyable to be part of, as well as maintaining a professional work ethic.

Jude’s way of teaching in my opinion, really helps myself and others to drive forward and excel in reaching our goals and dreams. Jude’s teaching is not just for those who want or to maintain their abilities as an actor, but to build and expand on their acting abilities. These classes are also very helpful, for those who need acting techniques to help them in certain activities or work related situations, such as learning English or public speaking."

Lisa Dwyer Hogg (actor/singer)

" Working with Jude opened my eyes to a whole new way of approaching acting.

It was a very freeing and empowering experience. Her workshops and classes built on both my confidence and focus. I have learnt so much and had a lot of fun working with Jude on many occasions and would jump at the chance to do so in the future!''

Cinthya Klein (student actor) 

"In 2017 I was going from Buenos Aires to London to be part of a play at RADA studios and was looking for private coaching. Found Jude through her web page. After speaking over emails and over the phone I finally rang her bell. She was beyond better than I’d imagined.

Jude truly knows her craft and creates a safe environment to explore new things. She’s not only a great director but a great teacher for those starting out.

She shifted my perception and truly believed I was living on stage. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor who I can now call my friend."

Freddie Dennis Actor

Freddie Dennis (student/actor/model)

" I have been training with Jude for 6 months, and thus far, it has been a fantastic journey.

I started out with minimal experience and, thanks to Jude's multi-faceted, rigorous and honest approach, feel as though I have come on leaps and bounds.

She is an extremely talented coach, and I believe this comes down to her ability to read people and gauge situations; she knows when to nurture and embolden but also when to apply the pressure and provide a necessary dose of reality. Her approach is tailored to the specific individual and that is what makes it so successful.

I have taken part in her workshops in both London and France. Whilst both were useful, France in particular gave my confidence and my ability a massive boost. It was a pleasure working on one of Jude's plays, she is a compelling writer. On top of that is was a great week spent with friends; new and old.

When I started out with Jude, I thought that a career as an actor seemed far-fetched, however I have just been accepted by the National Youth Theatre and am in the final round of auditions for Lamda, Oxford, RADA, and Royal Central. I owe a lot of this to Jude. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

P.S Plus she makes a fantastic pot of Lapsang Souchong tea.''