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"Jude Alderson is a master teacher of contemporary drama for actresses
and actors no matter whether they are beginners or advance students,
she will guide the artist to use their natural tools, that is lying within them,
allowing them to blossom with confidence...."

Wayne Buchanan: Actor & award winning Playwright: Time Out Critics Choice

''When I first started coming to Jude I was experiencing something of a crisis with my acting. With incisive professional insight and infinite sensitivity she has helped me to work on my shortcomings, and has restored my confidence.
She succeeds in making the classroom a creative and supportive environment,
and, like all the best teachers she is a wonderfully empathetic person.
I couldn't recommend her more highly to anyone.''

Elizabeth Crarer: Actor

''Jude is an inspiration.
She has been a very important part of my development.
She gets you away from faking it and plunges you into going for the real thing.
There is no doubt her direction and encouragement turned my career around –
plus I met some lovely ladies in her classes along the way!''

Jethro Skinner: Actor.

First non-national to win the Russia’s biggest award at Kinotavr for his role in the film ‘Plyus Odin'.

''I loved our week in Bordeaux. It's given me a lot more confidence.
I feel a lot more relaxed about acting and a lot less shy about working with others.
 I loved staying in the chateau and spending time with a lovely
bunch of people as much as I enjoyed the work.
Eating dinner in the evening just isn't the same
without sitting outside under a tree!''

Zoe Havler: Model and Actor

''Working with Jude opened my eyes to a whole new way of approaching acting.
It was a very freeing and empowering experience. Her workshops and classes
built on both my confidence and focus. I have learnt so much and had a lot of fun working with Jude on many occasions
and would jump at the chance to do so in the future!''

Lisa Hogg: Actor & Singer

''I've attended classes with Jude on and off for the last 4 years. 
Having studied at Drama school I found Jude's classes and workshops
to be equally informative, but in an environment which I felt offered
more freedom and support to take risks.  I'll always go back to her
to brush up on new skills and know that with Jude's experience
she will continually push me, regardless of what level I'm working at.''

Adam Lannon: Actor

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